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Airway centred comprehensive exam, evaluation and treatment planning


Growth Appliances for children and adults


Myofunctional therapy and frenectomy for babies, children and adults


Orthotic to improve TMD


Mandibular Advancement Device as an adjunct to CPAP therapy


Nightlase Therapy for Reduction of Snoring


Therapeutic Botox for TMD


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Functional Frenuloplasty Approach

All our baby referrals gets assessed using the functional frenuloplasty approach. We understand that just because a tongue/lip “looks” tied, it does not always mean that it needs to be released. Every frenal pull is unique. Dr. Pejman examines all our baby referrals for optimal function and only releases the frenal pull if it is causing unnecessary suffering for Mom/Baby. Our team is highly trained through various internationally recognized courses to properly diagnose and release in a way that brings about optimal outcomes.

Helping babies thrive with gentle releases of oral tissues

Our laser assisted non-surgical softening of tight tissues can help your child with nursing and guide them to better function.

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